Dance Teacher Training Classes

What is Teacher Training?

Teacher Training is available to CODE Competition Crew and Codette students in Year 9 and above who wish to learn to teach dance. In this class students will learn the essential tools of engaging students of all ages and teaching correct technique in a fun and creative way.

Our Teacher Training Curriculum has been developed and refined by CODE staff and prepares students to:

  • Create lesson plans for all age groups and dance styles
  • Track progress of students
  • Choreograph dances that are age appropriate and relevant to the performance type
  • Understand and implement Safe Dance Practice
  • Organise and run a dance show

The highlight of our Teacher Training calendar is the CODE Charity Showcase, a charity performance that is organised and run by our Teacher Training students. Students choreograph routines for each other to perform and put together all the other elements of the show such as the running order, program, music, costumes, ticket sales and promotion.

Here is a little snippet of our Teaching Training students group routine they choreographed together for last year’s Charity Showcase:

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