Class Descriptions


An energetic dance style with a focus on isolations, contractions, flexibility, turns and leaps. Students will learn to connect these movements through combinations.

Classical Ballet

Ballet focuses on the terminology and technique that is the foundation of all other styles of dance. Dancers will learn posture, alignment and fluidity.


Lyrical allows dancers to express themselves by using their music and movement to tell a story. It is a combination of the slow fluidity of ballet and the turns and leaps of jazz.


Tap teaches dancers musicality and rhythmic patterns. This style involves tapping to different musical patterns and connecting various steps.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a modern style of dance involving intricate and sharp movements. Dancers have fun with this upbeat style as they learn combinations to popular and high-energy music.


Contemporary dance uses the technical aspects of ballet along with the contract-release, floor work, recovery and fall of modern dance.

CODE Cheer

Acrobatics allows dancers to take gymnastics to the dance floor. Dancers will learn tumbling tricks that they will be able to use in their dance routines such as cartwheels, walkovers & aerials.

TKJ (Turns, Kicks, Jumps)

This class concentrates on improving technique needed for all turns, kicks and jumps. This class also teaches strength and flexibility that can be applied in all genres of dance.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training is available to CODE Competition Crew and Codette students in Year 9 and above who wish to work as a dance teacher. In this class students will learn the essential tools of engaging students of all ages, teaching correct technique in a fun and creative way, developing lesson plans, tracking progress, choreographic elements of various dance genres, effective communication strategies, time management, as well as anatomy and safety considerations. Students will become familiar with examination curriculum and will be responsible for organising and choreographing a Charity Showcase during the year.

Kinder Dance

Introduces our youngest students to all forms of dance. Specifically designed for young boys and girls who like to move, our high-energy class is sure to leave students with an enduring passion for dance.

Combo Class

This choreography-focused class enables students to ‘dance it out’ by learning combinations in a range of dance styles.